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Security Services

A host of security services are available to meet client needs in any number of situations.  Additional details can be found within our brochure:

Armed Security Officer (ASO)

After the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on US soil, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) established the Armed Security Officer (ASO) program. Pursuant to federal aviation regulations, any general aviation flight arriving or departing from Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA) must have an ASO on board. There are selected gateway airports located around the United States that have met the Federal guidelines for allowing private flights to fly into and out of DCA. INA also offers general aviation security for travel in the United States and abroad.

All INA personnel assigned to the ASO program are certified by the Federal Air Marshals Service to provide ASO services to our clients. ASOs are specially trained retired law enforcement officers and have extensive backgrounds in Executive Protection, and understand the discretion and confidentiality required for flying with corporate, or other high level, clients.

Additional details can be found within our brochure:

Corporate Risk Assessment

INA has provided clients with comprehensive risk assessment studies in order to quantitatively identify and measure the risks associated with persons or groups of concern. Our studies provide detailed analysis of the risks, as well as recommendations and strategies for mitigation. These reports can be focused on a geographical area, industry sector, specific person, business entity or any combination thereof.

Event Security

INA has had global success in providing security for high-risk events, including corporate and shareholder meetings, conferences, and related events. INA may call upon its vast resources in order to conduct access control, surveillance countermeasures, limited electronic countermeasure sweeps and arrange for the shredding of confidential printed material.

Executive Protection

INA offers professional teams able to perform executive protection services for business executives, celebrities and other high-profile individuals. Additionally, INA staff may coordinate all security arrangements during travel, meetings, or special circumstances.

Hostile Termination

INA personnel may assist in effective strategies and operations involving the termination of hostile, or potentially hostile, individuals. INA staff may also coordinate the return of company property and assets.

Medical Marijuana Security

INA has considerable experience in medical research laboratory security and has performed security assessments at facilities throughout North America and Europe. We offer comprehensive consulting and security services specific to the Cannabis Industry, including:

Additional details can be found within our brochure:

Mobile Security Patrol

INA mobile security patrol services are available to our existing clients and new clients who are looking for an affordable, highly capable solution to their security needs. INA mobile security patrol units have among the highest visibility rates in Metropolitan Harrisburg and Central Pennsylvania. INA security mobile patrol units deliver maximum vigilance and crime deterrence. Our patrol services are an increasingly popular choice for organizations of all types, as regular patrols are effective at deterring crime while remaining easy on your budget. Mobile patrols are conducted by INA's trained supervisors, alarm responders, and mobile guards who randomly, but regularly, visit and inspect your location to perform the same security services an on-site guard would perform, either internal or external, or both. These may include: checking windows and doors, arming and disarming alarms, removing loiterers, escorting employees to vehicles, locking the building, looking for signs of wrongdoing and potential danger/hazards, and deterring would be wrong-doers. INA security personnel are prior law enforcement, military, or seasoned security officers. INA security mobile patrol services provide:

Effective patrol services from INA include a wide range of businesses and properties to include:

The following modules are part of INA’s required training for each of its security guards:

All officers assigned have successfully completed a criminal background check and drug screening prior to their employment with INA.  All officers are subject to random drug screenings and background checks as an employee of INA.

Physical Security

INA conducts physical security consulting for companies around the world. INA reviews and evaluates current physical security measures, security practices, and policies and procedures.

Policies and Procedures

INA has the experience and resources to draft policies and procedures addressing areas of concern including business continuity, disaster planning, response protocols, IT security, and the protection of intellectual property.

Protective Force Operations

INA provides both armed and unarmed protective officers for high-risk government and corporate facilities. Security personnel may operate in professional attire best suited for the project or specifically requested by the client.

School Security

INA is currently working with many Central Pennsylvania School Districts and is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to provide School Police Officers. Our company is a world class risk management and security consulting firm founded more than 35 years ago by a former FBI agent. INA's team is comprised of former law enforcement professionals who now consult with school districts, government agencies and private companies. Our personnel are highly qualified and trained professionals who are capable of addressing threats of all kinds.

School administrators have enough challenges without being burdened with security issues. Parents are looking to schools for solutions to this complex problem. INA can assist you by designing a comprehensive security program that will return confidence to parents that every measure is being taken to keep their children safe. Below is a list of the security services we are providing to school districts:

INA School Security Service Options

More Options – Tailored to School District Needs

Part of our School Security service includes a poster series which aims to provide awareness to both faculty and students.  Samples of these posters can be previewed below:

Screening Specialists (COVID-19)

INA Screening Specialist services are available to our existing clients and new clients who are looking for an affordable, highly capable solution to their business requirements in order to comply with government mandates on safely reopening and continuing day to day business operations. INA screening specialists are not security guards, they are trained individuals whose responsibility will be to greet and take the temperature of anyone requesting access into your school or business. Thorough background checks are completed on each screener is trained by professionals to help ensure the safety of others. INA Screening Specialist services provide:

Security Awareness Program

Our Security Awareness Program and Posters include a wide selection of posters, email, and training sessions designed to make security an on-going topic of conversation at your company or institution. We keep your security efforts top of mind by encouraging users to think and talk about security best practices.

Our new Awareness Campaigns are a great way to introduce your employees to the importance of security awareness training and remind them that simple changes to their daily routines can make a difference.

Our goal is to help you create a security culture and constantly reinforce your security awareness program. This is accomplished by strategically reinforcing the key principles taught within our training sessions, which allows you to emphasize best practices and improve knowledge retention.

A sample of our security awareness poster series can be found below.

Travel Advisories

INA is able to provide detailed travel bulletins which furnish area crime information, current events, holidays, and politics. This data can be used to advise the executive traveler on personal safety matters, including recommended places to avoid or frequent.

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