Corporate Compliance

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Corporate Compliance

A host of corporate compliance services are available to meet client needs in any number of situations.

Background Investigations

INA conducts investigations into an individual's background for information including bankruptcies, criminal records, educational verification, judgement liens, litigation history, and professional certifications.  INA has the capability to conduct public record research and retrieve documents from local, state, federal and other public institutions.

Denied Party Screening

INA maintains a database of entities, including foreign governments, businesses and individuals, which have been denied and restricted from trade with the United States.  This database can be used to assist businesses in vendor screening on a large scale or single checks.

Electronic Countermeasures

To ensure privacy of conversations and integrity of business discussions and strategy, INA provides electronic countermeasures to detect surreptitious listening and video recording devices.

Ethics Hotlines

INA creates and maintains ethics hotlines for government agencies and private companies. The purpose of a hotline is to provide a channel for anonymous reporting of workplace misconduct.

Litigation Support

All of INA's services and products are provided in conformance with all applicable laws and with the expectation that the documents may be required for litigation purposes. INA can provide documentation to support legal actions, including temporary restraining orders, injunctive relief, criminal prosecution or any other legal proceeding.

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